Abolish Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property is the idea that information, or a method, such as music or patents, respectively, can be owned exclusively by a single legal entity. These exist to allow for the creator(s) to have sufficient control over the product so they can make a higher profit than they would otherwise, due to them having a monopoly on the product they created. This allows them to raise prices since they have no stable competitors. Intellectual property should not exist for that reason; it raises costs and inhibits the free market.

The strongest argument for the existence and enforcement of intellectual property is the claim that it gives greater incentives to invent. That claim is a red haring, as inventions are made all of the time and not patented, and have been since the first invention. Additionally there is no evidence or reason to think that if intellectual property rights were abolished anything would change in that respect as they are hardly enforced, expire often, and often are substitutable. Copyright infringement of music is rampant and uncontrollable on the Internet, as is the sales of black-market prescription patent infringing drugs from over seas pharmacies. According to the first argument, these infringements on intellectual property rights should inhibit the production of music, and decrease the numbers of new patents for drugs. However, in the last two decades more songs were created and became more widely available, and more drugs have come into existence than in any other two decades in the past.

It is apparent that intellectual property rights do not help humanity on a holistic view, and that it only benefits the people who have the intellectual property. If it were abolished, more people could use methods invented by other people, and access more data. This would likely lead to increased opportunities, other needs, and even more inventions, as need is the driving force for inventions. This would benefit humanity; it would have more options, cheaper prices, and more inventions. The individual would also benefit as well; they would have access and the right to use any information, and method the world has to offer.

Due to the reasons stated above, most all of us would be better off if all intellectual property rights were abolished. Our current system is awful for most, but really good for some. As stated or alluded too in nearly every document pertaining to the goals of the government of the United States of America, is that the government is supposed to promote the common welfare, and in getting rid of intellectual property rights, they would be doing just that; promoting the common welfare.

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