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3 Abbey Road, St John's Wood was purchased by EMI in 1929. They wanted to transform it into the world's first custom studio. It was complete in two years. In 1931, one of Britain's most distinguished composes, Sir Edward Elgar, conducted the historic recording of Land of Hope and Glory. It was played by the London Symphony Orchestra in studio One. Elgar recored there until his death in 1934. Since then hundreds of people have come to record there, including the Beatles. They also do movie music. Some film projects include the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, the first two Harry Potter movies, Love Actually, Johny English, The Hours, Gangs of New York, Shrek, Chicken Run, and The Golden Compass. They also do dvd and blu ray projects including U2's 'Go Home, Live at Slane Castle', Coldplay's 'Live 2003', Robbie Williams,'What We Did Last Summer', and more. In the last decade, their major artists were : Oasis, Starsailor, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Snow Patrol and more.

There are two different types of engineers that work there, Recording & Mixing, and Mastering. The Recording & Mixing engineers are: Andrew Dedman, Arne Akselberg, Chris Bolster, Johnathan Allen, Peter Cobbin, Richard Lancaster, Simon Rhodes, Simon Kiln, and Sam Okell. The Mastering engineers are Adam nunn, Alex Wharton, Allan Ramsay, Andy Walter, Christian Wright, Geoff Pesche, Ian Jones, Kathy Bryan, Peter Mew, Sean Magee, Simon Gibson, and Steeve Rooke.

The microphone selection is unbelieveable. They have hundreds of microphones from a AEA R 84 ribbon mic, AKGs, Beyerdynamic, Brauner, Brewl & Kjaeer, Calrec, Electrovioce, Crown, EMI, Gefel, Neumann, RCA, Royer, Sanken, Schoeps, Sennheiser, Shure, Sony, STC/Coles, Telefunken, and Vitavox.

They have four control rooms. Studio One Control Room contains a 72-channel Neve 88 RS console with a unique and comprehensive surround monitor section. This also contains 48 channels of remote Neve microphone pre-amps. It uses three B&W Nautilus 800D Loudspeakers and five HDMI rear speakers fully configured for surround monitoring up to 7.1 channels. All analogue and digital formats are supported. Studio Two control room contains a 60-channel Neve VRP Legend console. Studio Three contains 96-channel SSL 9000 J series console. Stereo monitoring is supplied by lage Quested speakers and five B&W Nautilus 800D speakers configured for 5.1 is an extensive range of classic and modern outboard equipment. The Penthouse Control room contains a custom made Neve DFC Gemini console. At 44.1/48khz it has the potential for one thousand signal paths, including 36 stereo aux sends. Monitoring is provided by five B&W Nautilus 800D speakers.

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