Due to the new Monsters Inc. movie, Dreamworks was adding a new “MONSTERS” exhibit. Yes I mean exhibit, because these were supposed to be real, living, and breathing, creatures. And not just animals with glued on horns or mechanical workings. The area was supposed to be situated right next to the fairly new ‘Cars Land’ ride so when people were on it they could get a sneak peak into and after the construction was complete, view of the exhibit.

But that was the first of their many mistakes. One day during a normal day of construction a large earthquake seemed to shake California Adventure and the construction site for a few excruciating seconds. Someone was even passing by on the Cars’ ride around that time and shrieking can be heard as their cart bounced up and down on the track.

“Where’s Little Jimmy?!” yells Big Tom. His brother Jimmy wasn’t next to him in their cart when they pulled up to the unloading station. “He was in his seat before we went into that there dark tunnel.” he exclaims to the service worker. “We were just looking down at them construction workers and the whole cart starts bouncing all crazy-like!”

The white hazmat suited guys spread out through the park to capture what they assumed to be the loose mutations. And all the while screams can be heard all throughout the park. The park manager pulls down a heavy metalic lever and California Adventure is put into lockdown mode. Metal sheets come up from the ground and form a dome.

Besides the few lit lightbulbs on the rides the whole dome was pitch black. Everyone was speechless at what had just happened. They all ran into the buildings for light and grub. I float here as the overseer of the whole tale but my lucid brain has other plans. Just as I’m about to go inspect the situation over at the unfinished exhibit something flashed into and out of my line of vision. I turn towards the black blob and am greeted by three bottom rows of shark like teeth and the stench of freshly eaten scientists. Just as the mouth of the creature closes on me I snap back awake and I’m back in my creative writing class.

“Yo bro you’ve been sleeping for like half the class.” Greg says from across the room. “What really? All I remember was sitting down at my desk and passing out. Ouch my forehead hurts.” I reply as I rub the tender spot beneath my hairline. “Yea I heard a loud noise and saw you just sitting there with your head on your desk, knocked out. Anyways wanna come smoke at the Skate Block after school?” He intently asks. Being Friday the offer was very intriguing but I wasn’t aware if I had football practice and if I didn’t I wanted to chill at home. “No thanks man, maybe tomorrow.” I groggily tell him.

After school I walk across the street to my home. I barely make it into my room before I pass out onto my bed. And once again the dream from Creative Writing resumes where it left off. The ugly monster has disappeared and a big redneck uy is shouting to the heavens above the titanium dome ceiling. After he sheds a manly tear for his brother, he goes on the hunt. He puts his nose to the ground like a dog and sniffs for a scent of his brother. Revenge is the deep smell coming from the ride they were just on. But from the other direction wafts the smell of French Fries and his nose pulls him against his will towards them. He pounces into the diner and onto the bar where sits a large pile of fries. Everyone is huddled into a corner so he digs in. The waitress comes from the back with a fly swatter and shoos him off of the bar like a gnat. “Save some for everyone else!” She yells. “Come on now everyone, come and get some grub. A few little children unaware of their situation cheerily skip towards the mountain of French Fries. A fat kid even attempts to dive into it. But the scent of the fries creeps into the park, and the loose creatures shall feast as well.

The large spotted green and blue monster that ate little Jimmy glides down from the roof of the diner and out in front of the large glass windows. People scream, fries are scattered everywhere, and veins pulse through big Tom’s neck. “STOP RIGHT THERE YOU FAT PIECE OF LARD!” is Tom’s battle cry as he sprints towards the beast. He grabs it by the horns and the beast runs forward with the power of a thousand horses. Tom is naturally stronger since he spends his summers wolf hunting. He jerks the horns towards the ground and the monster wipes out into the side of a set building. Tom calmly walks over to the monster, pries the gargantuan thing open and rescues his brother. Tom and Jimmy live happily ever after with their redneck family in the RV park next to the amusement parks. On the mantle of the fire sits a large pair of twisted horns, and in the rocking chair sits Grandma with a spotted green and blue pelt dress with matching shoes. That are similarly like the monster’s skin. By this time I know I’m about to wake up and I can smell the chicken that my mom put in the roaster for dinner. I fly around the theme park and after smacking straight into a billboard I wake back up to reality.

And I lived happily ever after with my average family. Little did I know, was that this dream was in the far future after humanity had exceeded our toxic waste and everyone started turning into these monsters themselves. The movie “Monsters Inc.” was just a warning that this would be our life if we didn’t straighten up and use different power sources.

Flash Fiction

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