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Everything within ArcheAge that can be made is done so through materials. These are found all throughout the world in many different types and formats, and can also be converted into other materials for crafting. There are multiple ways to obtain these materials, as well, so let’s get started!

Auction House

The auction house is probably the most popular choice for a lot of players simply because it’s fast and easy. It allows players to trade their gold from questing, farming, etc. directly in for materials, without having to take the time and effort to farm them on their own. This is a great way for even the self-farmers to pick up things that would otherwise just be too much of a hassle to deal with. Sometimes it’s nice to be self-sufficient but other times you just need to let go, you know?


Public Nodes

All throughout the world there are plants, trees, mining nodes and various animals that can be farmed. By either running around or just exploring while doing quests and looking around the world, you will see an abundance of materials that can be gathered. This is a pretty popular choice for players that want to passively farm for materials, without actually setting aside time specifically for it. It’s pretty relaxing, for example, to use mana regeneration time to grab a few nodes so you aren’t just sitting around. img3.mmo.mmo4arab.com_news_2014_07_23_image2.jpg


The third choice here is through the use of farms. Players are able to set up their own farms, and plant seeds for plants they need, as well as trees and animals. This lets people set themselves up for exactly the materials they need, making the process pretty easy. Instead of having to keep wandering around the world looking for a specific thing, you can simply plant the seeds, wait until they mature, and pick them up! It is worth noting, however, that on personal farms you will have to ensure that you keep up with harvesting on a normal basis, keep planting new things as needed, and otherwise deal with the upkeep of the farm.

Farms also bring into play the criminal system. If a player has things planted in a farm that does not have a scarecrow on the land (also known as “illegal farms”), it is possible to harvest their materials or uproot their seeds. This, however, will contribute Crime Points which can make you turn into a wanted fugitive. With that said, the option is still open and a lot of players choose to do it just because they can. It’s also worth noting that often times players that are sent to trial for harvesting illegal materials will end up getting declared as innocent (depending on the jury that is present and how that player has been acting in places like the Faction chat).


Understanding Material Statuses

When it comes to the material nodes themselves, their names will tell you what their status is (whether they are mature, need to be watered, are fresh and haven’t grown yet, etc.). Understanding the terms is important when it comes to knowing when something will be ready to be harvested so that you can hit it up when it’s ready. The statuses are as follows:

  • Nothing | Mature – this is ready to be harvested and will show a green leaf when moused over
  • Young | Sapling – these are trees that are not yet ready to be harvested. They can, however, be uprooted. Sapling means they are freshly created, and young means they are a bit older but still not mature
  • Nonnative Fruited – these are special trees in that they give both fruits and logs. By harvesting just fruits, the tree is left in-tact and can be harvested again later. Alternatively, you can just chop it down or harvest the fruits and then chop it down
  • Small – these are plants that are not yet ready to be harvested. Much like the trees, they can be uprooted

Plants and trees that are not taken care of can also go into further states, although that’s pretty rare (being that players are always on the prowl for nodes). These include things like becoming wilted (where they need specific water in order to be revived) and spoiled (where they just give different materials, of a spoiled nature). To see when any plant or tree is going to move into its next phase, simply mouse over it and it will have a timer. img3.mmo.mmo4arab.com_news_2014_07_23_image4.jpg


The material gathering system within ArcheAge leaves a lot of options open. Those that want to only go for public materials are able to do so. Those that want to farm their own materials (and choose what is being created) can do that. And since all materials are also tradable, that opens the doors for those that would like to craft but really don’t want to be bothered with the material gathering process.

When it comes to the most efficient path for materials, though, it really depends on the play style and what you’re going for. If you just need passive ones, for example, public nodes are perfect (they give a break from grinding mobs, allow you to heal while gathering, etc.). If you would rather make your way through the crafting portion of the game much faster, purchasing the materials off the market is the best choice. And if you want to enjoy the crafting and gathering parts, while at the same time make a custom piece of land, running a personal farm is the best option. And, of course, you can do all three!

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