A captain on his final deployment was in a terrible accident. A roadside bomb hit his convey hard and during the fighting he lost both his ears. After returning state side and recovering in an medical hospital he continues his service. Eventually he obtains the rank of general and after retires at the early age of 50.

He starts his own consulting business and decides he only wants to hire veterans. He immediately begins searching for personal assistants.

He lines up three interviews. The first was an air force pilot who flew combat missiles during the war.

The pilot answers all the questions and is clearly qualified for the job. The general wants to hire him. He asks him one last question,

“Son, you've done a wonderful job today. I have one last question. Do you notice anything strange about me?”

The man responds, “Why yes sir. You have no ears.”

Enraged the general throws the young man out of his office and brings in the next candidate. A prior service army lieutenant.

She also answers all the questions to satisfaction. When he asks her the final question. She says,

“Yes sir. I noticed that you're ears are missing.”

Again the general gets angry and sends the interviewer away. He brings in the final candidate, a marine gunnery sergeant.

The gunny answers each question, is articulate and dressed well. The general asks the final question. The gunny says,

“Yes sir, I noticed that you wear contact lenses.” Intrigued the general responds,

“Gunny, how did you figure that out?”

“Well it'd be pretty hard to wear glasses with no friggin' ears.”


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