A Time I was Alone

Once, my parents had to attend a meeting so I was left alone to do whatever I want. I was so excited for this opportunity - I had waited weeks for these four hours to myself. I even already had it all planned out: I was going to eat a lovely dinner that I had already made and then I was going to sit down for a relaxing evening reading one of my favorite books.

When they left (at last), I bade them goodbye and walked over to the television room and set the coffee the table with a plate, fork, and knife so I could eat dinner. Then I walked over to the kitchen so I could get my favorite meal - chicken and corn. I took the entire pot of chicken and corn and walked over to the coffee table and set it near my plate. Last but not least, I ambled over to the refrigerator to fetch myself a tall, cool, refreshing glass of 1% lowfat milk. Finally, with my meal prepared, I sat down on the couch (next to the coffee table) and fetched the remote control so I could more properly enjoy my meal. I found myself a new episode of Psych to watch so I could more properly enjoy my meal. After sitting down to enjoy my meal, I heart a slight noise somewhere in the distance (but still within in the confines of my house). I ignored it and thought nothing more of it and proceeded to eat my chicken and corn while watching my favorite show. A short 45 minutes later, my show was over and my meal was finished. I got up and put my dishes in the sink and washed them, trying to appease my parents when they came home later that night.

Then I realized that I still had another three hours to kill. I decided that I would watch yet another show because it is a very rare occurrence that I get to watch something without having my parents yapping at me every three seconds to do some work of some kind. I selected an episode of Big Bang Theory this time and sat down on a chair, ready to enjoy myself. I was about ten minutes into the show when I heard another noise, this one was louder than the one I heard when I was eating. I decided to investigate this one instead of letting it go and ignoring it, as I did with the last noise. First I decided to check back in the bedrooms, to no avail. Then I checked in the kitchen and living room to no avail as well. Finally, I decided to check the television room and came up with nothing as well. After all of this unsuccessful searching, I gave up and sat back down on the couch to continue watching the episode of the Big Bang Theory. Ten minutes later, the show finished and I was once again left with nothing to do. Now I had roughly two and a half hours left to myself before my parents came home and I found myself wishing they were already home because I was starting to grow very, very bored. I decided I would play some games on my laptop (mainly Minecraft) to pass the time until they came home. I fetched my laptop and fired up minecraft and logged into the server I usually use. At this point, I noticed that it was beginning to rain at a moderate intensity. I found my town in Minecraft and I started to build more houses and it was at this point that I heard the same noise that I had heard before but this time it was much, much louder. Now I was very intent on finding the source of the noise because at this point it was beginning to scare me; it was about as loud as a plate falling off of a table and it really startled me.

Due to my being scared, I went to my room first to being searching because I felt the most comfortable there. After a thorough search of my room, I determined that there were no people or objects there capable of making noise. I moved on to the living room and determined that there was nothing noteworthy there either; at this point I was starting to become irritated rather than scared. However, when I checked the kitchen I was rewarded with the answer to my mystery: the dishes in the drying rack were unstable. The first noise I heard was a spoon falling a couple of inches and the last noise I heard was an entire frying pan falling off of the rack. With my mystery finally solved, I realized that I only had thirty minutes until my parents came home. With that time, I decided I would bide my time by drying and removing all of the dishes from the rack to spare anyone else the excitement of having dishes fall and making ominous noises. Twenty minutes later, I finished drying and putting away the dishes and still had ten minutes until my parents come home. I decided I would use the remaining time to read a book so I would look productive when my parents finally walked through the door.

The book was horribly boring and after a mere five minutes, I simply could not bear to read it anymore. I decided I would start to clean the rest of the house for five more minutes until my parents came home. Five minutes later, my parents were still nowhere to be seen. Ten minutes later, they still did not come home so I decided to call them on their cell phone. They said they were still 15 minutes from home. So I decided to retire to the couch and watch half of another Big Bang Theory before they came home. Sure enough, 15 minutes later after half of the show was complete, my parents walked through the front door. I was ready to tell them all about the story of the scary dishes.

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