A Safe Pregnancy To Delivery

We would like to share with you the last time we programmed for a major project and got really powerful results. Our programming revolved around the coming of our son. Since we were both comfortable with the Mirror of the Mind technique, this was what we used for our programming.

First of all, we programmed for a safe and uneventful pregnancy. We visualized Vivien looking healthy, feeling fine and in the best of health throughout her pregnancy. The result? Vivien did not suffer from any of the discomforts usually associated with pregnancy. In fact, our friends actually said she was blooming and predicted the baby to be a girl.

The next thing we programmed for was a good natured “yaya” with enough experience. We also programmed that she would be with us even before the baby's birth. On our seventh month, Vivien started getting anxious although we had not started looking actively save for asking a friend for referrals. Then, one and a half months before our expected date of delivery, our yaya arrived, courtesy of that one friend. She was a midwife who loved children. She's turning out to be everything we hoped for. Success number two.

We also programmed for the following conditions leading to a safe normal delivery. First, we wanted our trip to the hospital to be hassle-free. That meant not getting caught in the regular horrible traffic jam. Next, we didn't want to share the Lamaze labor room with another couple. We want it to ourselves so we could have privacy. We also programmed that a private room be available, knowing the occupancy rate to be quite high. Everything happened as planned. We drove to the hospital at 3AM and made the trip in five minutes - ordinarily it would have taken thirty. The Lamaze room was all ours. And, the room we wanted was available. Success number three.

The main event was what we concentrated our programming on. We had taken lessons in prepared childbirth and were hoping for a normal delivery sans anesthesia. Here, we reinforced the MOM technique with Subjective Communication. We went to our laboratory level and lovingly talked to our baby to stay in a cephalic (head first) position. We described to him what was going to happen at the moment of birth. We assured him that Mommy was going to try to avoid the use of drugs that could harm him but he had to cooperate and make it easy for her. We welcome him, boy or girl, to the family. Everyday we bathed mother and child in a white light that would keep them safe from harm. What happened? After a long (we forgot to specify the duration) labor, Vivien delivered Rene Antonio, who did everything that was expected of him. Our mental practice really paid off.

Our story could end with this happy ending but we got a bonus. Our Lamaze instructor sold us on the benefits of breastfeeding that we were determined to do it. But there was one block: Vivien's side of the family was full of women who did not have enough milk. Using the MOM again, we visualized her in a rocking chair cuddling a happily nursing infant. She further reinforced this using the Three Finger technique. Well, three days after delivery, when Tonito was starting to complain about the glucose water, Vivien started to lactate. Only then did we get the rocking chair. Vivien & Rene Arnobit

How Our Mom Stops Smoking

Our mom stopped smoking because of mind techniques. Before she would smoke every time. She smoked two packs a day. We would always get a water gun and aim at the cigarette, but we would miss. Mom would scold us and sometimes spank us. She did stop a few times but would get back to the habit again.

When we attended the mind technique for children's course in summer, we started programming that she would stop. We used affirmations that “Mom stops smoking and would never do it again.” We also used Mirror of the Mind and the Glass of Water techniques to picture the results.

Then Mom went to the mind technique class herself. On the second day she stopped smoking. She said she just didn't like the taste anymore. It's been months, almost a year and she still doesn't smoke.

We are very happy. We also got things from our lola through programming. Ruben/Catherine de Vela

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