A Review of CoinTasker

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If you are tired of having to visit multiple sites just to be able to earn all the microbitcoins you want, then CoinTasker could become your new home.

I discovered CoinTasker just this morning while scrolling through my ads on CoinAd. As with a lot of ads I actually do something with, the first thing I noticed was that it was not a gambling site, a scam site or a get rich quick (and hang out on the beaches of the world) site. Nope, just plain honest work watching videos, completing offers, performing crowdsourced tasks, and some rewards for social sharing.

But wait, there's more. When you join CoinTasker, you are awarded 500 uBTC simply for registering an account. Then you are awarded an additional 10 uBTC every day just for logging in. I think that was the draw for me. I'm always up for some free Bitcoin, and 500 uBTC all at once is equivalent to visiting 200 Coinbox faucets. Try doing that in the amount of time it takes to fill out four or five account registration fields!

Yes, you do have to register an account, just like with CoinAd. Sites like BitVisitor and BitcoinGet allow you to input nothing more than a wallet address. However, in my experience the advantages of having an actual account really come out when it comes to the site's affiliate program. BitVisitor tells you that as long as a user you referred uses the same address, you will get credited for a percentage of their earnings. That sounds wonderful… until you realize that people change their address all the time and when they do, they do not go back through your affiliate link. On the other hand, if they register an account, then they can change their address all they want and you still get credited for their earnings.

In this case you definitely want to take your cut of your friends' earnings. Just imagine if you had a referral who did nothing more than log in every day. Your referral gets 10 uBTC for that, and you get ten percent, or 1 uBTC (100 satoshis), the same thing you used to get for visiting a CoinBox faucet.

Both you and your referrals can do way more than log in every day. You can watch videos for 20 uBTC each. You can perform CrowdFlower tasks, the same ones that are available on BitcoinGet. You can complete offers. You can do a few one time social sharing tasks–tell your Facebook and Twitter friends all about CoinTasker and you get a small reward for your efforts, plus the possibility that some of your friends might sign up and also start earning.

Speaking of social networking, you actually don't even have to leave the site to get some of that in. CoinTasker has its own built-in social networking platform. On it, you can share status updates, make friends, form groups and even spew your political opinions. But be careful; you just might bump into people you know from other places such as the Bitcoin Forum, mcxNOW or CoinChat!

Many similar sites have a page or two dedicated to links to faucets and other sites where you can earn or win cryptos, and CoinTasker is no exception. Check the resource section and you might discover a new faucet or two. You can also find links to various Bitcoin news sources.

A very nice feature about CoinTasker is that you get almost instant indication of when your earnings are credited and for which activity they were credited. You can always check your balance under the balance tab in the right margin, and below that is a list of all the activities which earned you microbitcoins. Although I will still work with reliable sites which don't report earnings, I definitely prefer sites that do. There's a certain peace of mind you get when you can see that the video you just watched has been logged and you have been compensated. It's also fun to watch your balance grow as you work.

If you run into technical difficulties or find a task doesn't pay out as it should, you can contact the site owner directly through a built-in chat window. I completed a survey task earlier today which failed to pay, and when I brought the matter to his attention, I was promptly credited. Not only that, we ended up having a nice chat about all kinds of things related to Bitcoins and other cryptocoins. As I've mentioned before, people in the Bitcoin community are generally quite friendly, responsive and approachable, and this can definitely be said for the founder of CoinTasker.

When you have earned a total of 0.01 BTC, you can request a withdrawal of your earnings. It just so happens that CoinTasker's minimum withdrawal amount matches mcxNOW's minimum deposit amount. This means that you can deposit your earnings directly into your mcxNOW account and start earning “interest” on them.

The affiliate support from CoinTasker is one of the more complete programs I've seen in the Bitcoin World. Not only do you get your own affiliate link, but you have several banners to choose from and you are provided with statistics on how your referrals are doing. More is in store to make the CoinTasker affiliate program even more attractive so you definitely want to jump in and get your friends involved.

And once they do, be sure to “friend” them through the social networking feature.

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