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 +=A Prophet To Manifest God's Anger=
 +We see many instances of the
 +prophets manifesting God's anger
 +against His people. It is their task
 +to call on the people to return to God when
 +they have fallen away, to do justice in their
 +dealings with others especially the poor, to
 +follow the ways of God more closely. In doing
 +these, we can imagine the prophets not just
 +speaking simply, or cajoling casually, or asking
 +gently. Many times they would be thundering
 +at the people. God is angry, and so are they!
 +And rightly so. Because a people called by God is a privileged
 +people. What greater privilege could there be than for God Himself
 +to say, I will be your God and you will be my people? But if God is
 +involved intimately in the life of a people, then the people have to
 +respond. To become a holy people. To become a people that God
 +can use for His purposes. If not, they are missing out on the great
 +privilege extended to them. And they are endangering their special
 +status, and perhaps even the very salvation of their souls. Is it any
 +wonder then that the prophets sent by God to set them right are
 +passionate in their task, and manifest God's anger?!
 +We have a covenant with God.
 +We have been accorded a very special privilege in God's
 +calling us to Himself, and in His sending us off on mission. God
 +has blessed us in all of these years. And now in this third millennium,
 +we are poised to do even greater things for His glory.
 +But how is our response, especially for the elders who are tasked
 +with leading the community? Even among the elders, many fall
 +short. There is lack of faithfulness to its life and activities, less
 +than all-out commitment to the mission, apathy at times, lack of
 +submission to authority bordering on rebellion, even serious sexual
 +sin. To such, we need to speak and act as angry prophets. There
 +ought to be righteous indignation at such responses from such
 +Such prophetic anger is the loving
 +thing to do in such circumstances.
 +Not to speak strongly is to fail in righting wrong, in getting leaders to
 +appreciate what God wants to do in and through them, in preventing
 +our brethren from continuing on the path leading to ruin and destruction,​
 +in protecting the life and mission of our community, in doing the good
 +that God wants us to do for others. While we of course should speak
 +and correct lovingly and thus most of the time cajole, encourage,
 +entreat, guide, there will be certain situations where no less than
 +prophetic anger will be appropriate and necessary.
 +In this third millennium, God calls us to even
 +greater work. We are to be instruments of the
 +Holy Spirit in renewing the very face of the
 +earth. We are to be involved in the most
 +important aspects of life in the world, such
 +as our work with the poor, with the youth, and
 +in socio-political renewal. Since God works
 +through people, this work can only proceed
 +well if we are united in heart and mind, if we
 +truly see the vision, if we are committed to
 +the mission, if we are submitted and obedient
 +to God through our leaders, if we are willing to
 +give of ourselves. In all these, God uses our
 +leaders to guide and pastor us. If our leaders
 +are remiss, then the whole body and its
 +mission are adversely affected.
 +And if such is the case, some souls may not
 +be saved, the poor may continue to suffer
 +injustice, corruption and oppression may not
 +be as effectively fought. Would such not be a
 +cause of grief for us? How much more for
 +And so if our leaders, especially our elders,
 +are remiss, then we need to see if God is
 +calling us to become prophets who will call
 +on our brethren to get back on track. And as
 +you realize the great call to mission given us,
 +be ready to also act as a prophet who is called
 +to manifest God's anger
 +It is God's way.
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