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 +=A New Venue For Their Evangelization=
 +==In His Steps Radio Program==
 +SFC and YFC leaders of Metro
 +Manila have found a new venue
 +for their evangelization. They
 +now anchor "In His Steps",​ an
 +hour-long radio show aired on
 +DWDD (1134 kHz) everyday
 +from Monday to Friday at 12
 +noon. The first broadcast was
 +aired last June 12, Philippine
 +Independence Day.
 +Maricar Gatchalian of SFC
 +Manila heads the anchor team.
 +Five groups composed of five
 +persons each group rotate
 +anchoring duties every day and
 +discuss different topics culled
 +from SFC and YFC formation
 +==Mid-year Provincial Councils==
 +CFC Philippine Mission Director
 +Roquel Ponte conducted midyear
 +provincial conferences in
 +the different regions.
 +The conference
 +featured workshops for every
 +talk and reports from the ensuing
 +group discussions.
 +The Visayas conference was held
 +in Boracay, Aklan; the Northern
 +Mindanao conference in
 +Valencia, Bukidnon; the
 +Southern Mindanao conference
 +in Kidapawan, North Cotabato;
 +and the Luzon conference in
 +Limay, Bataan. The conference
 +had three talks: "The Vision of
 +CFC for the Future",​
 +"​Leaving a Legacy"​ (covering
 +the Family Ministries) and "Total
 +Human Liberation: the Thrust of
 +the Future"​ (covering the Special
 +==COOPS for Christ Elects Officers==
 +The COOPS for Christ elected its
 +officers during a General
 +Assembly Meeting held at the
 +Santuario de San Jose Parish.
 +The new officers are: Domy
 +Gregorio as Chairman, Bernie
 +Cuevas as Vice-Chairperson and
 +Education Committee head,
 +Oland David as Finance
 +Committee head, Thelma Hizon
 +as Livelihood Committee head
 +and Ponet Ladrido as Business
 +Development head. Frank
 +Padilla sits in the board as
 +representative of the CFC
 +Council while Charly Reyes is
 +Executive Committee Head.
 +==The COMELEC at the STMA Forum==
 +Harriet Demetriou was the guest
 +speaker during the STMA forum
 +at the Casa Nila
 +Restaurant. She spoke on
 +"​Philippine Elections",​
 +focusing on the topics of
 +electoral reforms, heinous
 +crimes, the party list system,
 +absentee voting, volunteer work 
 +and putting NGO's to work for
 +Ms. Demetriou disclosed that for
 +the elections, the
 +COMELEC had been given a
 +budget for the automation of 45%
 +of the electoral system. This
 +figure covers the
 +computerization of the NCR and
 +the entire Mindanao region. She
 +also informed the assembly that
 +buying and selling of votes is
 +now classified as a heinous crime
 +under new Philippine election
 +laws, punishable by heavy
 +penalties and imprisonment.
 +She also disclosed that two bills
 +have been filed affecting the
 +electoral system. One proposes
 +the scrapping of the requirement
 +of 2% of total votes to get a party
 +list seat in Congress. The other
 +requires overseas workers to
 +register in the country they wish
 +to vote from in order that their
 +votes may be counted as absentee
 +Ms. Demetriou enjoined CFC to
 +help in the Precinct Mapping and
 +Verification Project and proposed
 +that CFC be an accredited
 +volunteer organization to help
 +COMELEC perform its duties
 +during the coming elections.
 +Demetriou serves
 +as Vice-President of the Council
 +of Catholic Prison Missions and
 +as Legal Consultant for the
 +Episcopal Commission on
 +Prisoners'​ Welfare of the
 +Catholic Bishops Conference of
 +the Philippines.
 +==STMA Fields Volunteer Lawyers==
 +When STMA pledged to uphold,
 +defend and promote the dignity
 +and fundamental rights of every
 +human person - not excluding
 +the "least of our humankind",​ the
 +poor - it realized that it had to
 +make available free legal
 +assistance to those in need,
 +despite the difficulties.
 +A group of Spirit-filled and
 +inspired lawyers from among the
 +brothers and sisters in the CFC
 +community took up the call,
 +volunteered their various
 +expertise in the legal profession
 +and formed a loose/​informal
 +"​pool"​ of lawyers. Attorney
 +Nides Respicio calls this group
 +(which he heads) the STMA's
 +Lawyers'​ League. In Metro
 +Manila, the league relies
 +completely on the enthusiasm
 +exuded by the rest of the group
 +consisting of Attorneys Tom
 +Prado, Rod and Canyl Bustos,
 +Fred Bathan, Joe Ramos, Nes
 +and Myrna Hilario, Jun Farcon,
 +Rolly Erenio, Joe Dy, and Totoy
 +The members of the league are
 +kept busy providing free legal
 +assistance to CFC members who
 +are in need and referring clients
 +to equally Spirit-filled CFC
 +brother-lawyers in the provinces
 +who have likewise volunteered to
 +be part of the legal assistance
 +network. They assist the CFC
 +Prison Ministry on selective
 +basis, and helps even non-CFC
 +persons or groups in "​special"​
 +cases that promise to
 +significantly impact on the
 +STMA mission. The group also
 +hopes to participate,​ though
 +indirectly, in the fight against
 +crime, pornography and anti-life
 +The league of lawyers has been
 +meeting regularly. Realizing
 +that there indeed is a lack of
 +volunteer lawyers and paralegals,
 +they plan to train brothers and
 +sisters in the CFC community to
 +organize and administer the legal
 +aid program and systematically
 +monitor cases. They are also
 +currently drawing up the
 +guidelines and qualification
 +standards for eligibility in the
 +availability of legal aid.
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