A Hit Is a Hit Season 1 Episode 10

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It opens with a hit on a drug dealer that goes wrong. Tony saves the day and brags that the money that was scored can be used in a much needed IPO. This is as exciting as the episode gets. It goes on from there to lead into more emotional and relationship drama. It appears that this episode was some kind of sad attempt by the writers to throw in common themes of a Mafia story. Still, the plot is pertinent to what has been happening in the series and should not be missed. It goes onto cover a meeting with Dr. Bruce Cusamano and Tony. A box of Cuban cigars is offered for a referral to Dr. Melfi. They end up playing golf at a private club. This leads to a later barbeque where Carmela gets a hot tip about the stock market that brings a profitable result for the family.

Tony Has Regrets

After a conversation about Al Capone's winter home, a conversation ensues with his friends and he makes up an elaborate lie about knowing John Gotti. His story wins him points with his enthralled audience and he proceeds to feel guilty and heads over to Jimmy Smash for some therapy. Later he plans revenge on Cusamano with a little present. Christopher and Adrianna head out for a night on the town to take in a show and grab something to eat. During the encounter Adrianna gets the money from Christopher to make a demo of Visiting Day's music. It seems it is a successful night.

A Hit is a Hit

“A hit is a hit,” says Hesh, “and this is no hit.” The reference is to Visiting Day's music demo. The plot takes a turn into the subject of the music industry. While it fits into the plot, just barely, it is not what anyone would call a good subplot. It is an attempt and the whole plot feels that way throughout until the end when the story takes a very predictable turn. Adrianna becomes the comedic character and acts as the comedy relief. The only problem is that the lack of activity makes it seem far less funny than it would normally seem. Still, the bad music drives Christopher to bang one of the musicians guitars over his head when it is finally too much for him to take. That part was actually very funny.

Massive Genius Wants to Get Down

Probably one of the better moments of the episode is when Massive Genius says that the music of Visiting Day is good. It is blatantly apparent that he is more interested in pleasing Adrianna though, than a fan of the demo. It makes for an amusing moment in the episode. Who could blame him? She is a good looking woman, for those people that are into a box blonde with a Jersey attitude. Still, it makes for an interesting interchange of emotion. It goes from there to insult Massive Genius as a “wanna-be” ganster. Tony makes the comment that the scene is more depressing than impressive.

Special Occurrences

The plot seems to make reference to the idea that the Mafia puts pressure on the music industry to give them credit for music so they can profit from the royalties. The appearance of the rap mogul, Massive Genius makes it even more questionable. Anyone that has dealt with or heard a really bad band that was plugging themselves relentlessly will feel like they are trapped in a torture chamber. As Hesh says, what they have is not a hit. In other words, they stink. Between the drama of the character interchange and the lack of real violence in the episode, “The Sopranos - S01E10 - A Hit Is a Hit” does not offer a real thrill. Viewers will be able to predict what will happen as it seems to be on track with some base Hollywood plot. While it lacks the normal excitement expected of the show, it does offer some human interaction that makes the plot deepen into a level of life that might just make someone smile.


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