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A First Look At Karmacoin


Karmacoin is a fairly new coin that I have just started to get involved with. I have known about it for a couple of weeks now because it is somewhat popular on Reddit (in the crypto currency section), but past a random glance here and there, I have not really paid much attention to it. As I have started to read up on what it is, what it hopes to accomplish and how it plans to do that, however, I have been falling in love with it (albeit arguably late). With that said, I think it is still a great time to get involved, so with this article I want to take a look at it and why I like it so much. While most coins do not have a purpose or a real goal (other than being a quick pump and dump scheme), Karmacoin has shown that it truly is different.

96 Billion Coins

One of the first things I noticed about Karma is just how many coins it is creating. 96 billion. That is a massive amount. Compare this to Devcoin, for example, who releases new coins at a consistent rate forever, and it would still take over 50 years for the two to reach the same number. If that does not help show just how many coins there are, I do not know what would.

Having so many coins is both a good and a bad thing. It is good in that there are a lot more to go around. It helps curb deflation some by having a lot (as the value of each one has to be lower to help compensate for the massive number), but at the same time it also makes a lot of people think that the coin could not be a serious one. Really, at least after I learned more and more about Karmacoin, I have decided that it having such a large cap is not too big of a problem.

A Real Community

One of the things that helped Dogecoin get to where it is now is a real community behind it. Whether it was created as a joke or not is anyone's guess, but when it comes down to it, having a community matters. A lot. Karmacoin is no different in this.

Karmacoin has pushed people to spread the wealth. It has condoned tipping people just for fun or because they are good people. It has pushed towards helping out by making donations to people and causes. The community as a whole appears to be focused around the giving aspect (which is also part of where its name came from, I suppose).

Having such a strong, giving community is not something to be taken lightly. Actually, it is quite the opposite. In a way, it reminds me of what Bitcoin was like when I first started: people were open to giving out coins just because they could. It was less about the greed and wanting to maximize their own holdings, and more about helping others and being nice to one another. This is exactly the path I see Karmacoin going down. The question as to how long it will last is something I can not answer. I do hope, however, that it keeps on the path it is on right now, as it will lead to more great things.

Business Potential

Unlike a lot of coins that are created and then the owners and community try to find businesses that will accept them, Karmacoin has its own business ideas to follow. One of these is a social network, one is an advertising agency of sorts, and there are others. Each of these ideas is not relying on existing businesses or other people, but rather the coin itself is going to be financing these projects and bring them to life. When it comes to bringing more and more value to a coin, this is the perfect way to handle it. Do not hope for others to give it value, you have to give it value yourself. This is a concept the Karmacoin developers have figured out, and it is looking great so far.

A Real Investment

Part of Karmacoin's business potential is that it is also part of a real, registered business. Karmacoins can be traded for part of this business (actual shares, plus profit shares), and just by holding large numbers of Karmacoins people can own part of the business. This opens doors that no other coin has done before. Instead of just holding on to coins to cash in, what you are holding on to is a business. Simply by buying more coins, you are investing in to a bigger portion of the business. This is an awesome idea and it is a big part of what drew me in to snagging a lot of coins.


I will definitely be writing more articles on Karmacoin in the near future as I continue to learn more about it. You will be able to find information on what is going on with the coin, the latest and greatest news surrounding its businesses, and other important things. This should help keep you up to date with what is going on with it.



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