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 +=A Different Challenge Each Day=
 +==Something Makes Her Blush With Pride==
 +Virgencita "​Virgie"​ Garguena is a technician
 +at the new product deparbnent of our cannery
 +and her work involves two key processes -
 +formulating new products and improving old ones.
 +Having been part of the team that has managed the
 +"​birth"​ and "​rebirth"​ of Del Monte products in the
 +last years, she looks back at those years brimming
 +with pride and enthusiasm. Each year has been full
 +of exciting challenges. Incredible! Right now we're
 +developing another quality product (can't tell you
 +what it is just yet) and there'​ll be a lot of testing and
 +retesting until we're confident our customers will love
 +Virgie'​s job requires close coordination with our
 +marketing department who are the originators of new
 +product ideas. Her job is to help give these ideas
 +form and substance. "​It'​s really cross-departmental
 +teamwork, the way TQM is supposed to operate,"​
 +she explains. And it puts her right on the spot every
 +woman loves to be - the kitchen. At our New Product
 +Development kitchen, Virgie, who works with the
 +sauce and bean team, mixes ingredients,​ does taste
 +tests, and cooks product samples. These are then
 +retested by the Marketing'​s New Business
 +Development department which may require
 +alterations or improvements to the recipe. "The Makati
 +team are really our direct customers,"​ Virgie says,
 +"and needless to say it's my team's obligation to
 +delight them."
 +One of Virgie'​s greatest joys is to see a product she
 +has helped develop on the supermarket shelf and
 +customers filling their shopping carts with it. The
 +scene always makes her blush with pride. For her,
 +it's the ultimate proof of a job well done.
 +==A Different Challenge Each Day==
 +F or Daniel "​Danny” Dominisac, each day is
 +totally different from another, though he's been
 +with the Land Concerns department for years.
 +"With the kind of work we do - surveying, levelling,
 +sketching - not a day passes without a totally new
 +flavor to it," Danny says. "​That'​s good because that
 +makes my job always exciting."​
 +Danny is an instrument man at the Land Concerns,
 +using the alidade in doing topographical surveys. A
 +busy day may be spent, for example, at the feedlot in
 +Cawayanon where a creek has to be diverted, or at
 +the drawing board. "​We'​re actually doing pollution control
 +work at the feedlot,"​ explains Danny. " We
 +have to divert the water from its natural course so
 +that it misses the manure that comes down from the
 +livestock area. The alidade is the instrument we use
 +to survey the area and map out the terrain. It defines
 +contour and elevation and helps us design drainage
 +systems or plot out the land."
 +Other days may find Danny assisting in land
 +maintenance operations, building access roads, or
 +planning road alignment projects.
 +How does he gear himself up for the day's work?
 +"There is only one requirement in order to complete
 +the day's assignments. Constant preparedness. When
 +I come to work at dawn, I'm ready for surprises,"​ he
 +says, making it sound so easy and sounding very
 +Danny'​s close to 20 years with the company help
 +him face the wide variety of day-to-day challenges. It
 +helps, too, to have a supportive family: wife Corazon
 +and daughters Karen and Katherine Ann.
 +==Taking The Big Leap==
 +Eusebio "​Jun"​ Patenio Jr. made a decision six years
 +ago to elevate himself above the simplicity of life
 +in Alubijid, Misamis Oriental. That decision took
 +him hundreds of miles away from his town to Manila
 +where he landed a job at Del Monte'​s Makati office.
 +Now 35 years old, Jun says he never regretted making
 +that decision. As mailroom assistant, Jun looks forward
 +to each day at Del Monte with enthusiasm and fervor.
 +His activities are simple yet taxing: He sorts the
 +incoming mail at the start of the day and delivers these
 +to the addressees. By late morning, he prepares the letters
 +and packages bound for Asia, Europe and the U.S. By
 +late afternoon, he prepares the mailbag for Bugo and
 +Plantation. Seems like a cycle of routinary tasks. Jun
 +nevertheless expects excitement each day. How could
 +there be?
 +"I am also responsible for picking up the mail from
 +the Makati and Manila post offices during the noon
 +time. The whole operation takes me one and a half hours
 +to accomplish - one and a half hours out of the office.
 +This duty represents the highlight of the day when I
 +could go out of the office, not exactly for a breath of
 +fresh air because we're short of that here, but for a bit
 +of exercise,"​ he says.
 +This way, Jun maintains his optimistic outlook. All's
 +not that settled with Jun, though. While happy with his
 +present circumstances,​ he remains a hometown boy at
 +heart, longing for the day when he could go home to
 +Alubijid for good. Meanwhile, he makes good at his job,
 +to provide for his growing family composed of sons
 +Michael, 5, Melvin, 4, and daughter Eula, 3. His wife,
 +Mila, a homemaker comes from Aklan.
 +==That Inner Joy==
 +Vivencio "​JUN"​ Bayaton Jr., an employee at
 +the Plantation Storeroom in Phillips, may
 +not get any reward for a recent deed of
 +honesty. But for him, that's not the thing that really
 +counts. What really counts is the joy that comes
 +from an honest deed.
 +Jun found a diamond-studded gold ring at the
 +Phillips Machine Shop lavatory, and
 +immediately turned this over to Plantation Security.
 +Notices had already been posted in Phillips to advise
 +the owner of the lost item to claim it at the Security
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