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 +=A Couple In Prison - Part 2=
 +==They keep us going too! ==
 +While providing inspiration themselves, Susan
 +and Romy admit that the people they serve
 +inspire them even more. "What inspires us is
 +seeing these men and women energized after
 +listening to a sharing or teaching. We see even
 +the hardest hearts soften up and we realize that
 +only God can really transform his children!โ€
 +Susan and Romy often remind the inmates not to
 +focus on the people serving them, but to focus
 +only on God." We tell them not to be disheartened
 +when we fail them, because we are only humans
 +who are struggling like them. We are also sinful
 +like them, assuring them that it is okay to approach
 +us whenever we unintentionally hurt their
 +==Working together==
 +The Prison Ministry of CFC works hand in hand
 +with many existing groups doing the same
 +function. The Episcopal Commission on Prison
 +Pastoral Care (ECPPC), the main umbrella
 +organization,​ supports CFC's work. Other groups
 +such as the Coalition Against Death Penalty
 +(CAD) and the Volunteers in Prison (VIP) help
 +implement various programs and outreach
 +==Yes to the vision! ==
 +CFC's work in prisons started with one city jail.
 +The increasing awareness of the role of the
 +church and its concern for the poor, the oppressed
 +and victims of injustice has led CFC to quickly
 +expand its ministry. Today, CFC in 26 provinces
 +have put in place their own prison ministry work.
 +Romy envisions that this work will continue well
 +into the future and that more brothers
 +and sisters would see the urgency of the work
 +and respond to the call. Romy is calling on
 +lawyers and members of the St. Thomas More
 +and Associates (STMA) and other CFC social
 +ministries to help the Prison Ministry bring its
 +plans to full fruition. One of these plans is a halfway
 +house for released prisoners who have no
 +family to go back to or those who simply opt to
 +stay in prison. The half-way house would serve
 +as a sanctuary for people who consider
 +themselves outcasts of society, where they would
 +continue to live as a cohesive community and
 +engage in meaningful livelihood projects.
 +Such commitment and passion to serve does not
 +come easy for those who are half-hearted. Romy
 +and Susan exemplify the stout-hearted,​ fearless
 +breed of renewed Christians who boldly go
 +where others dare not. Would that there were
 +many others like them so that God's work may
 +prosper and bring true lasting peace in this world.
 +"I found true joy in CFC because I felt God's
 +tremendous love for me. I learned to
 +surrender myself to God, to forgive and
 +love others. My husband was healed of
 +his nervous breakdown after
 +brothers and sisters from CFC prayed for
 +him. My three children
 +are also able to continue their studies.
 +One of them, a scholar, even graduated with a
 +BSC Accounting degree!"​ โ€“ Marjorie Martines-Arceo,​ (case: Estafa. She is on
 +the 9th year of her 30-year sentence).
 +"CFC helped me not only with my spiritual needs, but
 +with my material needs as well. After my CLP, I
 +experienced so many spiritual blessings and I
 +became closer to my family. I consider this experience
 +as a "​spiritual retreat"​ as I learned how to pray and
 +reform from my sinful ways. My message is for
 +everybody to be steadfast in faith and keep close to
 +the Lord." Josie Marquesas (case: Estafa. She is on the 3rd year of her
 +30-year sentence. She is a mother to 4 daughters).
 +"After personally knowing the Lord, I learned to accept
 +that what happened was His will for me. I also learned
 +to surrender everything to Him. Though I am a prisoner,
 +CFC loves me, cares for me and treats me as a sister. I
 +am at peace now because I always remember to rely
 +on God alone, to keep praying and to have faith in
 +Him.โ€ - Elma Romero (case: Illegal Recruitment.
 +She is on the 4th year of her 10-year sentence).
 +"CFC taught me how to accept
 +and deal with life's difficulties,​
 +as well as gave me spiritual and
 +moral support. I just hope that
 +I'll be released so I can be with
 +my children again. I am so
 +happy because CFC members
 +visit my children tool My wish
 +is for people to stop judging us.
 +My message is for all to offer
 +sacrifices to God, and not to
 +forget to call on Him."- Norma Cabral (case: Estafa. She is on
 +the 8th year of her life sentence. Norma, a widow with three kids,
 +stood as guarantor to someone
 +else's debts and blames her
 +lawyer'​s negligence for her
 +incarceration. Norma is a
 +secretary of the inmates and a
 +trustee of the Correctional
 +administration,​ assigned to
 +maintain the upkeep of the chapel.)
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