A Boy, a Market, and a Dragon Egg.

A Boy, a Market, and a Dragon Egg.

The Goat Master

The tower bells tolled loudly in the plaza, marking the one o'clock hour and the start of the afternoon trading session. The afternoon session always brought new and interesting things to the town, from fresh produce from farms in the countryside to rare commodities originating in lands afar. Today Jato-san was browsing the market, looking at all the wonderful items. His clan was one of the most affluent in the city, and while he was rich, he was not very intelligent. The clamor and bustle of the markets always excited him, and he was easily influenced by dishonest merchants.

“Dragon eggs, only 120 yuena for one, dragon eggs!” A merchant's voice rang out, rising above the unintelligible conversation of the marketgoers. Jato-san was interested, so naturally he went to visit the marketeer's stall. “Them are some real live dragon eggs, son. And they can be yours for only 120 yuena.” said the merchant. Dragons were a rare site in the land, and castle scholars believed them to be extinct in the territory since the beginning of the second era. “Sure, I'll take them!” replied Jato-san, eager to show his clan elders. The exchange took place and Jato-san happily ran back to his dwelling. By the time Jato-san got back, it was almost nighttime, so he went to bed. The next morning, the egg was empty…

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