A Black Undulating Mass Crossing The Road

A young girl was traveling with her mother and father across south west Texas in the early morning. Her father preferred to drive at night to avoid the Texas heat.. And he always took the country roads to avoid traffic.

This one particular night the young girl was sleeping in the back seat. Her father was driving. THey were on a stretch of road going through desolate countryside.There was nothing but land for miles. There was a sudden THUMP, THUMP, THUMP noise erupting from beneath the car.

She was startled. She popped her head up and looked ahead, Through the windshield she peered into the headlight illuminated road ahead of the car.

What she saw seemed to be a black undulating mass crossing the road. Their car was driving over it and running over something.

Her mother instructed her to put her head down and not to look.

Many years later her mother revealed what it was. It was a mass of tarantula spiders migrating across the road.

The lady told me that people in Texas told stories about tarantula hurds but most people had never seen one. She actually saw it.


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