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 +=A Badge Of Honor=
 +It's been barely two weeks since I finished the
 +basic mind seminar but I've already chalked up a number
 +of significant,​ if minor successes, using the various techniques
 +learned, e.g., finding a lost personal item, weaving
 +out of a traffic gridlock, finishing a report in record time.
 +sharper memory, greater concentration,​ increased comprehension
 +and learning ability, etc. But more important
 +than any of these is the marked improvement in my
 +character and personality which hasn’t gone unnoticed
 +by my loved ones, friends, colleagues and associates.
 +Not that I've really been bad but I have a quick and mean
 +temper especially when things don’t turn out as planned
 +or when people'​s actions don't come up to my expectations
 +or standards. I have learned to be
 +more patient, more cheerful positive and optimistic. Of
 +course, I still do get upset (though not as much and as
 +often as before) but I'm able to snap out of it in no time.
 +Encouraged by my initial successes, I am now programming
 +for a few bigger goals.
 +I wear the pin all the time. More than being
 +a "badge of honor” it serves as my guide and conscience
 +(next to God) and a constant reminder of my improved,
 +nay, superior consciousness. Admittedly, I still have a
 +long way to go and I need to go to my level and practice
 +the techniques as diligently and conscientiously as 
 +possible. But surely, I know that from here on, I can only get
 +better and better in every way.
 +I will continue to spread the good word about mind techniques.
 +Indeed, if only more people would have superior consciousness,​
 +our benighted and bedeviled country can
 +escape from its rut much sooner. May our tribe increase!
 +=Things Can only Get Better And Better, In Our Lives And In Our World=
 +Ms. Judy Qoa will finally mark the readiness of her
 +two books, Teach Only Love and Everyday
 +Miracles in a simple get-together
 +with the graduates sans elaborate ceremony or
 +glittering celebration.
 +“The idea is just to enable the people to
 +have a first view of the books before the public does.
 +This is as much their event as it is mine.” she explained.
 +"​Alemars is a fitting venue as it is virtually a
 +center of sort for the practitioners,​“ she added.
 +Teach Only Love, Positive and Uplifting Selections
 +on Life and Living, is a compilation of 100 of her
 +select articles in her popular column of the same title at
 +the Philippine Daily Inquirer.
 +The book has 260 pages.
 +Everyday Miracles, Success
 +Stories of Ordinary People Who Have Transformed
 +Their Everyday Lives, contains 150 better
 +and better stories of select graduate-practitioners,​
 +who thoughtfully shared their programming achievements.
 +There are chapters explaining the powers of the
 +mind course in simple and clear terms and why it is
 +essential for people to learn and experience it. Of interest
 +is the chapter on "​Questions Commonly Asked" in
 +which the queries about whether the mind technique method is a
 +religion, or is it against any religion, etc. are answered
 +satisfactorily. The coincidences that led them to develop
 +the revolutionary program are likewise detailed. The
 +book is 388 pages thick.
 +The articles in the Teach Only Love are divided
 +into nine sections as follows:
 +1) Mind Influences, 2) Life Values, 3) Health Heals, 4) Positive Stress
 +5) Effective Learnings, 6) Affective Changes, 7) Parenting Skills
 +8) Essential Tools, 9) Epilogue
 +Excerpts from the "​foreword"​ to the Teach Only
 +Love book written by Bishop Teodoro Buhain, Titular
 +Bishop of Bacanana and Auxthary Bishop of Manda, read
 +as follows:
 +“The power of the individual to create the quality
 +of his life is a recurring theme in the 100 selections in the
 +book. The use of his God-given talent to create, to
 +humanize himself and others, to endow life's events with
 +meaning, to interpret life's situations against the bigger
 +parameters of living as a better and better person .. these
 +are the human prerogatives that the articles
 +celebrate ...
 +One feels good after reading the book. It restores
 +the glory and the pride in being human. It demolishes the
 +excuse we often give for our shortcomings,​ failures and
 +weaknesses. sapagkat kami ay tao lamang! Rather it
 +places man on a pedestal where he truly belongs, a living.
 +irrefutable testimonial to the greatness and omnipotence
 +of his caring Maker. "
 +In a second foreword, Mrs. Lita Logarta, Lifestyle
 +Editor of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, describes the
 +book as “Remarkable and amazing ... there has never
 +been a magic wand to transform people, perceptions,​
 +events or even ourselves, Cinderella'​s Fairy Godmother
 +notwithstanding. But with Judy Qoa's help, things can
 +only get better and better, in our lives and in our world.“
 +The Everyday Miracles covers Qoa's almost six
 +years of involvement with the mind techniques. She writes
 +her own personal story in the preface: how she got started
 +and the many challenges faced and hurdled. She also
 +explains why the book is so titled. The better and better
 +stories are divided into:
 +1. Health Miracles: From Detection to Recovery
 +to Wellness: Medical Tools, Stress Control, Medical Cases, Programming for Babies
 +2. Business Miracles: Overcoming obstacles, Optimizmg opportunity
 +3. Career Miracles: Actualizing potentials; Acceleratmg growth
 +4. Personal Miracles: Transformations,​ Achievements (Sports, Scholastic, Winning, Emigration, Against the Elements, Sweet Triumphs), Enriched Relationships
 +5. Multiple Miracles: Sustained benefits
 +6. Spiritual Miracles: Enhanced faith
 +7. Little Miracles: From the mouth of babies
 +8. Special Miracles: Improving self; Enlightening others
 +Fr. Luis G. Candelaria, a Jesuit-priest who took
 +A mind technique program two years ago, read through
 +every page of the book and “enjoyed” every minute of it.
 +“I find Judy's message very affirming and assuring ...
 +encouraging .. she's a messenger of hope, of love,“ he
 +Judy's message is scriptural: In Romans 12:2, St.
 +Paul exhorts his listeners: “Be transformed by the
 +renewal of your mind, so that you may judge what is
 +God's will, what is good, pleasing and perfect,“ he added.
 +“Truly, I find this book's message very timely. It
 +is an answer to the prayers of many in search of hope. It
 +gives hope - something we all need these days,“ the
 +veteran educator and sought-after spiritual adviser concluded.
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