AKA Benzo Fury


I took about 80mg slowly over 20-ish minutes. And it started to hit about 45 minutes in…

First thing I noticed was my hands wanted to move, so I was moving my fingers. Then shadows started looking strange and slowly the carpet would move if I stared at it. Then my friend dosed. Both of our pupils were HUGE, we were EXTREMELY talkative and I was personally having wavy visuals and felt AMAZING all night. Not like magical ecstasy feelings, or like I had to rub my face on a cat or anything. But I was happy. We have fish and a lizard, so that provoked a lot of cool conversation too.

I took it at about 10-11pm. Didn't get to sleep till about 9am. Felt amazing the whole time except like the last hour. Lost interest in a movie I was watching and really just wanted to sleep. And the only problem throughout the experience was that there was an almost “too energetic” feeling that almost turned into jitteriness. But it would always come and pass in like 5 minutes, and happened only when I first came up, once when we smoked 2 bowls of bud, and once randomly. So I think it just makes you jittery when it is going to the “next level”, so a you come up and as you peak, and if you do something like smoke weed and release extra dopamine. So over all, the come-down makes things boring and makes you want to sleep. Which was not terrible at all, and on the plus side NO “cracked out” feeling the next day (like with MDMA). I feel almost “energized” and I only slept 2 hrs last night, and have been smoking bud since I woke up. And one last note, not necessarily a “good” or “bad” effect but last night time flew by fast as shit, and today is going the same way. Every hr is like 30 mins long it seems like.

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