1. World Hunger- GMOs are hated on like they are straight up poisons, all GMO means is “Genetically Modified Organism”, which can range anywhere from a plants genetics being manipulated to produce more seed or fruit, to splicing the DNA of a jelly-fish into the genes of a pig. While it is true we shouldn't be putting corn on the market that has jelly fish DNA, or that produce their own pesticides. It is also true that if used properly, GMOs could solve the worlds food shortage, and actually give us a surplus.

2. Help Africa- We need to write history books, philosophy books and more that AREN'T meant for 1st world English students. Then we can begin to educate the world about itself. I am friends with a Nigerian who works for the government, and he said he never took a history class his entire educative career. I was watching an idiot abroad, and it only costs around $700 to build a little house for a family in Africa… I don't see why it's not solved yet.

3. Discovering New Species- This goes hand in hand with Africa, World Hunger AND Cancer Research. The Rainforests of the world need to be searched for new species of plants for cancer research, as well as new species that may be able to be bred with or spliced into the plants we currently use to make them have higher yields or more/less seeds, which in turn helps world hunger.

4. Cancer- More Cannabis research, as well as testing out new things. Many Cancer Patients are told that they are inoperable, and that treatment is helpless. I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to find cancer patients to test new rainforest plants and research chemical effects on their cancer, as long as regular human tests were done first.


The only reason we have enough food to feed everyone is because of Norman Borlaug's work with GMOs.

And the only reason world hunger still exists is because in the 70s people rejecting GMOs (similar to you guys) convinced the African governments that GMO translated to “poison”.

But GMOs are only bad if you are trying to make them produce their own pesticides and stuff (Monsanto's GMOs)…

When you are just making them have larger fruits and stuff, it's completely ok to eat.

here are some extra solutions for Africa, since they have more problems than just hunger:

Houses (as said before)

Water Moisture collection “sails” for on top of the houses

Green Houses

Last, but not least- Use their basically “endless summer”, and exclusive (only in Africa) THCv marijuana strains to support their communities. They ship seeds to us, we ship money/seeds to them.

Also, This will catch on because THCv does the reverse of give you the munchies. It makes you feel full, so every woman in America would want a seed. (especially if we use some green houses to help them perfect the strains)

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