2014-2015 NBA Threads Basketball Cards Gravity Pack Review

One of main goals this year as a collector is to get as many basketball rookie cards as possible. The hype surrounding the 2014 NBA rookie class is huge. I recently heard about a set of basketball cards called Threads produced by Panini America. These cards are only available for purchase at Target stores. The Threads cards come in three variations; Premium boxes, Blaster boxes and gravity packs. Threads are the second of three card sets being sold exclusively in Target stores this year. The first set was 2014-2015 Prestige Basketball cards. I previously purchased a Blaster Box of the 2014-2015 Prestige cards also produced by Panini America and I received some really nice cards including most of the top rookies. My luck was so good with my first purchase that I decided to purchase a gravity pack.

I drove down to my local Target store and found that they had several blaster boxes of the 2014-2015 Threads Basketball cards and also several gravity packs in stock. I purchased one gravity pack. I drove home to open my pack of cards. The cards came in a multi colored pack with a picture of John Wall and the Panini logo on it. The pack contained 10 cards. According to the Panini website a special Micro-etched rookie card is inserted in some of these packs so I held out hope that I would get one of these special cards in the pack. It took me only seconds to open the pack and I enjoyed the entire experience. Below are the contents of my 2014-2015 Threads Basketball pack:

  • Card #1 – Pau Gasol
  • Card #2 – Nikola Pekovic
  • Card #3 – Walt Frazier
  • Card #4 – Tyson Chandler
  • Card #5 – Marc Gasol – Inside Presence Insert
  • Card #6 – Dan Issel – ABA Legends Insert
  • Card #7 – David Lee
  • Card #8 – Chris Paul
  • Card #9 – Carmelo Anthony
  • Card #10 – Blake Griffin

Overall I was not impressed with this basketball card purchase from Target. I did not receive any rookie cards. I did receive cards of Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, Blake Griffin and Pau Gasol all of which are current NBA super stars. The other cards I received are cards of solid players and a legend who was a good player. The pack was reasonably priced I just didn’t get a rookie card. Considering the cost of the pack I probably broke even with this purchase. I probably will purchase another pack of cards since the possibility of getting a good card is promising. I probably will also purchase one of the other box variations of Threads in the future. I still recommend to those collectors who want the opportunity to get some nice looking cards that include members of the 2014 NBA rookie class to give Threads Basketball cards a try.



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