2014-2015 NBA Prestige Basketball Cards Hanger Box Review

One of my objectives this year is to get as many basketball rookie cards as possible. The hype surrounding the 2014 NBA rookie class is huge. I recently heard about a set of basketball cards called Prestige produced by Panini America. These cards are only available for purchase at Target stores. The Prestige cards come in four box variations and I recently purchased a Blaster Box of the cards. I received some really nice cards including most of the top rookies. My luck was so good with my first purchase that I decided to purchase another box.

I drove down to my local Target store and found that they had several blaster boxes of the 2014-2015 Prestige Basketball cards and also the hanger boxes in stock. I purchased one hanger box and even received a 20% discount on my purchase thanks to a feature on an app that I have on my iPhone. I drove home to open my cards. The cards came in a white box sealed in plastic with the Panini logo on it. The box contained 11 cards in one pack. I received 10 regular cards and each box promises 1 mystery rookie card for a total of 11 cards. This gave me hope of getting at least one quality card in the box. I proceeded to open the box and then my one pack of 11 cards. This entire process took me seven minutes. I enjoyed the entire experience. Below are the contents of my 2014-2015 Prestige Basketball hanger box:

  • Card #1 – Jared Sullinger
  • Card #2 – Josh Smith
  • Card #3 – Tony Parker
  • Card #4 – Greg Monroe
  • Card #5 – Klay Thompson
  • Card #6 – Jrue Holiday
  • Card #7 – Derrick Favors
  • Card #8 – Russ Smith RC – He was a 2nd round draft pick of the New Orleans Pelicans in the 2014 NBA Draft.
  • Card #9 – Spencer Dinwiddle RC - He was a 2nd round draft pick of the Detroit Pistons in the 2014 NBA Draft.
  • Card #10 – Oscar Robertson – Prestigious Pioneers Insert Card

Mystery Rookie Card – Lamar Patterson RC – He is playing Pro basketball in Turkey.

Overall I was unimpressed with this basketball card purchase from Target. I received rookie cards of Russ Smith, Spencer Dinwiddle and Lamar Patterson. None of those players are projected to be impact players in the NBA. In fact one of the players isn’t even in the NBA. I didn’t receive an autograph card, but I did receive an Oscar Robertson Insert card. The box was also reasonably priced thanks to the discount that I received, however I believe I got a poor selection of cards overall. Some of the players are solid NBA players, but for the most part those cards may be worth 10 cents each. I probably won’t purchase another hanger box. I may purchase one of the other box variations of Prestige in the future. I still recommend to those collectors who want the opportunity to get some nice looking cards that include members of the 2014 NBA rookie class to give Prestige Basketball cards a try.



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