10 Reasons Being a Writer is Awesome

When I first started out as a writer I earned a pittance and felt like nobody read my work anyway. But I stuck with it, building up my portfolio of published work and slowly building up my earnings, until the majority of my income came from writing. This was a long hard slog, but well worth it. I absolutely love being a writer, and I am so glad that I put in the hours to reach the level that I am now at. Why did I want to be a writer so much that I spent more than a year working 15-20 hours per week for barely more than a few pennies per hour when I first started? Why do I continue to write so prolifically even after all these years? Because being a writer is awesome, and here’s why:

  • Sitting down at my desk, unshaven and un-showered, wearing just my boxer shorts with the fly gaping wide open as I scratch my bum – it got me sacked from last job and I’m not making the same mistake again! Seriously though, my boss is a dick, but at least it’s my dick. As a writer working from home I don’t have anyone telling me what hours to work, or what I should wear, or what I should be working on. I’ve always hated uniforms (or even shirts and ties), alarm clocks and commuting – and as a freelance writer I don’t need any of these things. This whole work from home thing also means that I am using my time quite efficiently: I know plenty of people who spend over 2 hours travelling every day to get to work and back, whereas I spend precisely zero hours.
  • Because it is a convenient plan B if my evil plot for world domination doesn’t work out: If knowledge is power then writing is exercising power. As a writer you have influence, you have a chance to change the way people think, to promote new and interesting ideas and to point out the flaws in popular opinion. If you want to change the world then there is no better way to do it than to write a persuasive, enlightening, or inspirational article.
  • Being a writer has turned me into a lifelong student. A big part of being successful as a writer is about continually learning new things and regularly reading interesting work by other writers. I like the fact that this is part of my job – quite apart from the fact that I enjoy doing it, it keeps me well-informed and gives me interesting new things to talk about with friends. I also like to think that remaining a student throughout my life gives me an excellent excuse to still be getting drunk on cheap vodka every other day and chasing after 18 year old women – I may be in my mid-thirties, but I’m a student and that’s what students do, so its ok!!!
  • Working from home is good, but working from a beach-side bar in the Bahamas is even better! Ok, so I admit that I don’t do that very often, but the point remains – as a writer I can work from anywhere in the world. I can visit a different city, or even a different country, and all I need is my laptop and an internet connection – or even just a notepad and pen if I take a day trip to somewhere more remote – and I can still do my job. This gives me a remarkable amount of freedom which few professions other than writing can offer.
  • Chicks really dig it dude! I may not have become rich from my writing, but being a writer has gained me a respect and admiration from others that belies my modest position on the income ladder. People seem to want to know what you think about things when they know that you are a writer, and seem to take your opinions seriously (moah ha ha ha - those naive fools). As a writer you are a kind of artist, and this really does have some social kudos; some might even think that it is quite sexy.
  • Because my opinions aren’t appropriate for polite conversation, apparently. I’m sure that many of us have a few thoughts and opinions that are pretty ‘out there’, or are quite controversial, or simply aren’t something that your friends are interested in talking about. Bottling up your rage against the machine, or leaving some beautiful flower of a thought unspoken, is not good for the mind or the soul. Writing is an excellent outlet for all of those thoughts, feelings and opinions which would otherwise die of neglect. This is empowering, invigorating, and very rewarding!
  • Writing builds your confidence. The fact is – I’m a bit slow. That phrase is often misunderstood and misused, I think. I don’t mean to say that I am stupid – because I am not. But I like to turn things over in my mind and see things from every angle. When talking with friends I often have trouble expressing myself and being part of the conversation, because by the time I’ve thought of something to say I realize that the conversation moved on five minutes ago. Writing has given me a way to express myself that I wouldn’t otherwise have, and has helped me to build my confidence and believe that I really do have something worthwhile to contribute. In fact, being a bit slow is something of an advantage when you are a writer, as you really need to be able to mull things over in your mind and find a novel way of looking at everyday things.
  • Writing can open a lot of doors. When I first became interested in digital currency, for example, I didn’t even think about buying any. I started off by visiting a few forums and posting offers to work; I soon got a freelance job paying the equivalent of $1000 USD in Ripples (XRP) for a series of articles and blog posts promoting a new start-up company within the Ripple ecosystem. Since then I have written for Bitcoin, and have discovered the wonders of earning Devcoins by contributing work to this esteemed website. Being a freelancer means that I have worked with hundreds of different people over the years as I’ve hopped about between jobs, and this has allowed me to meet some really fascinating, as well as some wealthy and influential people.
  • I always wanted to be immortal, but according to my doctor a diet composed primarily of fried meats and peanut butter is not the best way to go about it. Being fundamentally unwilling to compromise on the vital matter of my bacon and peanut butter sandwich breakfasts, I have decided that writing is my best shot at immortality. Even the most beautiful body will eventually turn to dust, but our words can live on forever. On the internet, virtually nothing is ever truly deleted.
  • As a writer you are an explorer - an explorer of ideas. I set out to discover the world, but everywhere I went I found the same thing there: me. Whilst I’ve also learned a lot about the world along the way, the kind of introspection required for certain types of writing; the act of reaching down within yourself to pull out a jewel of a thought or idea, has provided me with opportunities for personal development and spiritual growth which I would otherwise have missed.

So in summary: don’t go wrong – go write!

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